Operating Procedures

The blog is finite. Every once in a while, I will delete everything and start anew.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


On the 15th of this month, sometime between 7:00 and 7:30 in the evening, my mother died. The celebration of her life will take place the evening before my father's 100th birthday party, which is in the home town. Out of the six of us, the remaining children, at least four of us are scheduled to be there for at least parts of the gathering. My health is questionable, but I do plan to try for ... I guess, just a chance to see the others of us who show up.

My random drawing of tiles to focus on for writing, prayers and meditation, this week, were Surprise, Change and Contentment. I think that those will be useful.

Monday, November 23, 2015


Today I canceled my commercial webhosting account. I am not getting back into any commercial activities on the Internet or here at home, and so there is no reason to pay commercial rates or use commercial web space. Thus quiltedpoetry(dot)com has, theoretically, at least, disappeared from the Internets.

I could have waited until March, but just wanted to get it out of the way. Since I have not been using the space or the domain emails for many months, I was concerned that I might forget. Better to take care of it four months ahead of time than to let it slide into new charges.

I should also mention that I am finally dropping the nickname "Liz", which is an unfortunate holdover from childhood, although not quite so bad as "Bess",  by which name I was called during my 15+ years in data processing with a regional (now nationwide) financial institution. It was during those years that I sought a name change, but it failed to take root.


P.S. My miscellaneous blog is Stray Coffee Breaks at WordPress. Other URLs are listed at the bottom of the page.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Settling into the New Year

I had a horrid time in December with the flu (or it might have been bronchitis), several head colds in January, and continuing, intermittent breathing problems. Since sometime in November, I dropped twenty pounds (was more, but I recovered three during the last week). Not hungry, and so, not cooking. We've eaten out too often, which has exacerbated the problem(s).

After discontinuing the online presence of the four domains and one web hosting account, I have brought back the email addresses for my former business domain, forwarding to this Gmail account. (The lizbennefeld domain has expired.) The three domains that still have a couple years to run point for now to quiltedpoetry.com. My poems from SFPA's online Halloween reading are now up, text and audio, along with some of my Halloween art contributions to the pages. The next time I'm feeling up to it, I will start to add email addresses to the other two domains: just my first name and my most common nickname for each. (Love random password generators!)

The weather has been suitable for frost ferns on the windows, but lamentably, snow is lacking. I am still hopeful, however. I've named this piece "Spiders' Nest".

Saturday, December 13, 2014

On the Move

Things are finally on the move. I have canceled my web hosting for the lizbennefeld.net account at POWWEB (about whom I have no complaints whatsoever); domain name and hosting are to end shortly after the first of the year.  Also sitting on that site are the other domains that I used in part to promote my writing, editing and photo art activities. While those three domains (Quiet Spaces, Postcard Art and The Written Word) will be disappearing at least for a while, and possibly until they expire two to three years from now, the email addresses for those domains are going away.

I quit doing the academic work in 2009, and I started handing off the job search work in 2012. Due to the changing needs of my final business client in August of 2014 (30 years, pretty close to the day, from when I left corporate to start my own business), I am fully retired from freelance work. (I'm not counting my photo art or creative writing as freelance, but as part-time hobbies, these days.)

Still contactable through this Gmail account (elizabethbennefeld). Would love to hear from former clients, classmates and friends!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Getting a feel for things

I have started several of my blogs again. PostcardArt.net Has some photos and thoughts to accompany them. I'm getting a little more dramatic with them. Autumn leaves have potential for color and texture manipulation, and I'm enjoying that exploration.

The Written Word has much of my previously published work, as well as lyrics for a song for contemporary worship that was performed by the small music ministry group. I liked it, although it wasn't the music I had heard in my head.

 The Art of Disorder has turned out to be a handy place to keep track of health issues, vital signs, medications, etc. I'm not maintaining PatchworkProse (.com) the way I did when I first started using it. I am reading greater numbers, not just the non-genre stuff, again.

Quiet Spaces is going to turn back into a foodie blog. Conceptualizing, cooking, and eating the results is an enjoyable series of activities. As I'm breathing better, I hope to expand that once again to trying out new exercises to continue my move into health.
While it's not being used as often as I had envisioned, the Quilted Poetry site (private blog) is handy for writing poetry. I feel relaxed there, because nobody is reading what I am writing. This is nice.

 I think I will be an eccentric who hides away and scribbles, and in the end all of the works of art I've created will be extinguished...rather like bubbles floating to the top of the ether and bursting to let the rarified air out into the cosmos. Or sparks floating upward briefly from the campfire into the endless night. :D

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Beauty from the Weed Patch

I did get outside with Samantha again today. The wild flax are all but gone, now. Just a few days left, and there will be nothing in the garden but overly long grass and blooming thistles.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Going through the boot closet, looking for my shawls, I decided to toss out the two lined shirt jackets I'd been using as winter coats. Ladd, dear old thing, had eaten the snaps, buttons, and zippers off of them. I also discovered that the jeans jacket and denim shirt (an XL and an XXL) that also were on hangers in that closet are still wearable! I will try to remember to make use of them.

I did not throw out any books, this week. Instead, my order arrived of an ex-library paperback copy of The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel by Nikos Kazantzakis. It's translated into English and illustrated. I first read this book at the end of first semester of my sophomore year at Concordia. It's based on Homer's Odyssey and is in verse. I took time to glance through it. Looking forward to reading the book again.