Where I am and am not

My current blogs/web pages are
  • theartofdisorder.wordpress.com (currently in disorder, pending a new plan)
  • themomentsbetween.wordpress.com (photos, sometimes followed by a short poem)
  • straycoffee.wordpress.com (coffee breaks with muttering, nattering)
  • quiltedpoetry.wordpress.com (poems, mostly impromptu & first drafts, for my own amusement; sometimes accompanied by photos)
  • Quiet Spaces: quietspaces.net (poetry: published, poem a day, performance/lyrics; misc.)
  • PatchworkProse.com (what I'm reading, assorted published/unpublished/republished prose, book recommendations)
I have Facebook and Twitter accounts.  No Instagram, Tumblr, Pintrest &c. Google+ is going away (or already has).


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